Dimensions Ø 32 cm
Material Ceramic
Jan Jansen original Various shoes (1960 – 2000)
Jonghlabel was founded in 2010 by two sisters, Meis and Anne de Jongh. Nowadays, the Amsterdam based design label is run solely by Anne de Jongh. This is a place where contemporary design is combined with practical production methods to produce industrial craftsmanship, which is very important to Anne de Jongh. She finds it fascina-
ting how artisans display devotion, perfection and love towards their products.
The studio represents de Jongh's vision that extraordinary production techniques lead to extraordinary products. As a designer, it's of vital importance to Anne that she fully supports the product she's working on: this is as important as
the product's appearance. That is the reason why once the studio takes on a project, it is with you from start to finish.
Well-known Jonghlabel projects are ‘re-pair’ which involves chinaware, Jongh geleerd oud gedaan, which consists of traditionally knitted jewellery and Matmatic, which involved Anne de Jongh weaving rattan.
‘We just go by what we think is nice and beautiful. And just take it from there.’
For ‘Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures’, Jonghlabel has made an artwork titled Footplate. It consists of forty ceramic dinner plates. Each one displays a unique print of a Jan Jansen shoe. The end result brings together two important characteristics of de Jongh and Jansen - ceramics, which is typical of de Jongh, and Jansen's soles and lasts. De Jongh has combined their styles and merged them to create
a new type of artwork. At the same time, a certain alienation can be detected: there are shoe prints
on dinner plates. This triggers the thought that this may perhaps not be something one would wish
to eat from.
De Jongh also sees it as a gimmick. It shows how, with his work, Jansen has left a permanent footprint - work that is truly ineffaceable.
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