Dimensions 80 x 135 x 85 cm
Material Silk and fabric
Jan Jansen original 1970s
Bas Kosters is a Dutch fashion designer, widely known for his colourful designs and use of print.
He created the Bas Kosters Studio in 2005, where he not only focuses on fashion, but also sees his work as part of an entire world. Bas creates himself. He does so by using illustrations, video, performances, music and the well-known Bas Kosters puppets. To quote Bas: Every new collection is a new story that is an addition to the book about the world
of Bas Kosters.

‘Jan is an amazingly creative artisan. Nothing but the utmost praise and admiration for him and for what he has accomplished. Fantastic!’
Kosters is a distinctive designer who can't be told what to do, or, especially, what not to do. Next to his fashion collections he has been responsible for exhibitions and collaborations with selected companies, such as the stroller he made together with Bugaboo, the collection of underwear and pyjamas for Zeeman in 2011 and a Barbie outfit
for Barbie Mattel Netherlands that was auctioned via Elle Girl magazine in 2006. Next to that, Bas took his ideas to the bedroom when he designed three bedspreads for Wehkamp in 2016. One of his latest collaborations was designing two suits for REFUSE magazine.
Bas Kosters has created a special family of foot friends for ‘Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures’. He has looked for a way to combine his respect for Jansen's craftsmanship and have the shoe be the object of desire. Therefore, the foot has become the starting point of the four different objects in which the connection with the shoe and the foot is the centre of attention.
The well-known Bas Kosters figures in their iconic shade of pink were executed in the alienated shape of the human foot. Bas chose to leave the four original Jansen shoes intact – his foot figures seek a relationship with Jansen's shoes. He chose to give the figures a personality, which enables them to find a connection in the world of Bas Kosters and Jan Jansen combined.
From left to right
I choose comfort over fashion
Jan Jansen original late 1980s
I love a party where you can wear sandals
Jan Jansen original early 1980s
Let’s do it one time upside down
Jan Jansen original late 1990s
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