Dimensions 80 x 135 x 85 cm
Material Shoe, Fabric, Foam
Jan Jansen original  1990
Fashion designer Liselore Frowijn lives and works in Amsterdam. In 2013, she graduated cum laude with her collection ‘Afternoon of a Replicant’. This very same collection received the Frans Molenaar Prize in 2013 and the Prix Chloe at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in 2014.
Frowijn previously worked as creative director for Mantero Seta, a company which supplies fabrics to big fashion houses such as Chanel, Kenzo, Gucci and Prada. Frowijn focused on accessories. Nevertheless, her own fashion label was something she couldn't get out of her head. She decided to continue pursuing her dream. Prints are often seen in her own collections, on which she has worked with Vlisco, the Dutch textile company that has been designing fabrics since 1846.
‘Jan Janssen is symbolic to me as the avant-garde shoe creator of all time, it's an honour to know him and to work with his amazing shoes and make them my own.’
In her work, Frowijn enjoys to connecting different projects to show what she's working on at a particular moment. For ‘Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures’, this resulted in a mix of her own new summer collection for 2018 with prints by Michiel Schuurmans and Jan Jansen's shoes. Her collection ‘MEXICO’ is both about freedom in general and more specifically, about Mexico itself. The collection conveys the message that human beings cannot be forbidden to be the creative beings that they are simply by building a wall around them. One of the prints is a psychedelic cactus symbolizing hope: Frowijn decided to cut the forms out and shape them around Jan Jansen's shoes. She added the studs as a contrast in material and to visualize a kind of sharpness.
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