Dimensions 85 x 30 x 30 cm
Material Shoes, sidewalk tiles, music
Jan Jansen originals (top to bottom) 2010, 2010, 2010, 1995, late 1980’s
Architect Peter Dautzenberg and designer Jan Jansen have known each other since 1976, the time in their lives when they were both living in Bijlmermeer. From that moment forward, Dautzenberg has always stayed on top of whatever Jansen was doing. Together with his wife, they must have worn over 40 to 50 different shoes made by Jan. What Peter has always loved about Jan’s shoes are the details, colours, constructions and his choice of materials, which are always exciting.
As an interior architect, Dautzenberg has worked with Jansen before: he designed the kitchens in two of their homes and even custom made them garden furniture. It was only the start of a fruitful and warm relationship as Dautzenberg ended up designing the Jan Jansen stores in Nijmegen and Antwerp. They have grown very close over the years. Dautzenberg: ‘Despite the fact that I’m 63 years old now, Jan still calls me a whippersnapper!’
‘Jan is always focusing on women’s posture. With his floating heels and other constructions like the bamboo one he forces the female calf and hips in the right position’
For his artwork for JJST, Dautzenberg became inspired by all the different options which one can use to close a shoe with: zippers, buttons and laces. He used these individual parts to connect the different Jan Jansen shoes, stacking them up. Within the process, Peter chose to leave certain aspects of the shoes visible, so that the shape of the heels and other shoe design elements are still noted. The interior holds a hidden construction that’s invisible on the outside to the naked eye; for Peter, this resembles the design he sees in many of Jan’s shoes.
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