Dimensions 70 x 96 x 20 cm
Material Jan Jansen shoes, Resin , Metal powder, Mild metal plate, Top lift, Music box, Metal sleeve, Metal bar , Candle, Incense and ash
Jan Jansen originals 1990s
Kei Kagami graduated in architecture, something he soon supplemented with a simultaneous diploma course in tailoring at Bunka Fashion College. He sees little diference between fashion and architecture. In his view, the two fields have the same basis - starting from something flat and two-dimensional and making it three-dimensional. After his work with the iconic Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, Kagami moved to England in 1997 to start his own fashion label. He began by making conceptual, wearable art pieces and started to make shoes about five years later. His love of and fascination for architecture can still be seen in his designs, often in the shape of his extraordinary, highly unique handmade heels of stainless steel, iron, wood and other construction materials.
Kagami's designs have been exhibited in England, Germany, Japan, Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands.
For ‘Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures’, Kagami has set out to show his appreciation and respect for everything Jan Jansen has achieved and for his contribution as a pioneer of modern shoe design. His artwork is the embodiment of a hope that when the world as we know it perishes, we will still talk about Jan Jansen in heaven.
Manual by Kei Kagami
1    You light the candle.
2    You set fire to an incense by the candle.
3    Place the incense while making a wish.
4    You play the music box (Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to heaven’).
5    Listen to the song, you will fall into a state of mediation.

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