Dimensions 70 x 28 x 23 cm
Material Feathers, Batteries, Light, Red shoe
Jan Jansen original 2005
Ton van der Spruit is a broadly oriented designer. His field of activity varies from graphic design to architec ture. As an architect, he designs and executes designs for houses which could take place just as easily in Amsterdam as in Spain. A diverse customer base includes Het Sieraad, the law firm Stibbe and Brasserie Pays-Bas.
Van der Spruit and Jan Jansen have known each other since the 1970s. Van der Spruit says: Jan was
so often abroad in those days that we used to call him ‘The Flying DutchJan’. He was always away at shows
and fairs.
‘When I saw Jan’s shoe, I immediately had to think about a young Jan Jansen,  flying all over the world placing himself in the spotlight everywhere.’

When Ton van der Spruit saw the shoe by Jansen he was going to work with, he immediately had
to think about Jansen ‘flying all over the world’, catapulting himself into the spotlight in all the right places. He took that inspiration, added it to the nickname and set to work. The result of the combination was The Flying DutchJan - a sculpture of a characteristically red Jan Jansen shoe housing a sensor which puts the sculpture in the spotlight and activates propellers made of feathers.

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