Dimensions 32 x 21 x 36 cm
Material Pottery teapot, Shoe
Jan Jansen original Floating heel (2005)
Since 2007, Dutch artist Hetty Kelderman has been working mainly as a figurative sculptor. She chiefly works with alabaster (a soft and transparent stone) and serpentine (often green, yellow or golden brown). The stones are frequently combined with materials such as aluminium and wood. Her distinctive Steps in Stone series consists of sculptures based on exclusive ladies shoes. As craftsmanship is highly important to Kelderman, she has worked together with other specialists in the trade to complement her work. For this particular series, for instance, cabinet maker Eilard Meier has made the wooden heels.
Kelderman's work can be admired worldwide: her work has been on display in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Kuwait, Doha and Qatar and has formed part of a travelling exhibition with the Virtual Shoe Museum.
Material Shoe, Pencils
The Black Butterfly
Material Shoe, Lacing and Embroidery
‘Jan has pointed out that he's not big on marketing or commerce but does what he desires to do whilst not being afraid to fail. Should someone not like it, it does not change Jan – for him, it's important he likes it. The shoe designer that never abandons his last and stays true to himself!’
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