Dimensions 80 x 80 cm
Material Boot, Photoprint on wood, Coloured stickers
Jan Jansen original Mathilde  (late 1960’s)
Elvira Rajek lives and works in Vienna, Austria – her artistic work started in 2004. The conscious mise en scène has been an important component of Elvira Rajek's work. Having started with staged portraits, in the last years she has focused on still life and turned to a surrealistic way of working. She assembles the pictures and thoughts in her unconscious and conscious to create a new vision and a new way of seeing.
Research into different subjects plays an important role in the artistic realization of Rajek's artworks. It provides her with the possibility to take subjects out of their context, transform them and thereby reach new insights. Veiled criticism with a touch of irony is intentional.
Rajek's work has featured in exhibitions in Vienna and Zurich as well in cities in Germany and Canada.
‘It was a pleasure to work with these marvelous shoes designed by Jan Jansen.’
Dimensions 54 x 44 cm
Material Shoe, Egyptian wool
Jan Jansen original 1980s
When Rajek received the Jan Jansen shoes for the ‘Jan Jansen Shoe Treasures’ exhibition, she immediately came up with ideas that she wished to execute. She has made several different art works, one of them titled The Target.
Rajek was given ‘De Laars’, a Jan Jansen-made boot that Jansen had made specifically for Mathilde Willink, who herself is a living artwork with her brightly coloured dresses and haircuts. Willink did not quite fit the boot so it ended up in Rajek's hands. It was abundantly clear to her that this boot was one that immediately needed to be snatched: She imagined a woman rushing into a shoe shop and violently trying to take the boot away with her. This resulted in the boot being seen by Rajek as a target – this has become clearly visible in the end result.
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